Uncertain Ground is a minigame in Epic Minigames.

Gameplay Edit

The player must stay alive as the ground (made of multiple squares) below them generates obstacles, which may kill them. In the beginning, only a couple squares are dangerous, but as the game progresses, many more or even the majority of squares can become dangerous.

The player must run around on the ground trying to escape these dangerous squares. They include bomb droppers, squares made of lava, and spinning lava blocks.

After 60 seconds, the ground will return to normal and the surviving players will win.

Tips Edit

  • The bomb droppers will rise above the other squares; try to stand on top of one of them and nothing can harm you for the time you remain on it.
  • The lava squares will flash colors before turning to lava; avoid them as soon as you see the colors.
  • Try to jump around; if the dangerous square is on the ground you will have a slightly longer warning.

Video Edit

Epic Minigames Uncertain Ground

Epic Minigames Uncertain Ground

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