Last updated on: September 23, 2020

This is an archive of Twitter Codes for all games by Typical Games. These codes are expired and will not work (unless stated otherwise).

Please take note that if you are here to check for any latest codes, you are encouraged to follow @TypicalRBLX on Twitter instead as we might not update this page frequently. We are not responsible if any code shown in this page does not work.

Epic Minigames

All Twitter codes used for Epic Minigames are listed below.


Code Reward Status
firstcode Bubbles Effect [EXPIRED]
feb24 Silent Assassin Logo Effect [EXPIRED]
coldsparkles Cyan Sparkles Effect [EXPIRED]
gifted Presents Effect [EXPIRED]
whirlwind Tornados Effect [EXPIRED]
hatched Easter eggs Effect [EXPIRED]
shining Kazoos Effect [EXPIRED]
story Books Effect [EXPIRED]
crumble Cookies Effect [EXPIRED]
unlock Keys Effect [EXPIRED]
butter Crumpets Effect [EXPIRED]
treat Candy Effect [EXPIRED]
coldfire Cyan Flame Effect [EXPIRED]
spaaaace Satellites Effect [EXPIRED]
musik Musical Notes Effect [EXPIRED]
global Earths Effect [EXPIRED]
jacko Pumpkins Effect [EXPIRED]
pud Christmas Puddings Effect [EXPIRED]
saucer Cups Of Tea Effect [EXPIRED]
energy Plasma Effect [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Status
adventure Bookworm Pet [EXPIRED]
mystical Griffin Pet [EXPIRED]
flight Plane Pet [EXPIRED]
planet Earth Pet [EXPIRED]
tentacles Octopus Pet [EXPIRED]
quack 8-bit Duck Pet [EXPIRED]
roar Lion Pet [EXPIRED]
extraterrestrial UFO pet [EXPIRED]
plague Rat Pet [EXPIRED]
Festive Code Festive Moose Pet [EXPIRED]
helper Elf Pet [EXPIRED]
Epic1Bil Neon Tiger Pet [EXPIRED]
LochNess Nessie Pet [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Status
tasty Magic Carrot Gear [EXPIRED]
2018 2018 Fireworks Gear [EXPIRED]
located Geolocator Gear [EXPIRED]
jingle Jingle Bells Gear [EXPIRED]
hop Chocolate bunny gear [EXPIRED]
shake Maraca gear [EXPIRED]
brains Zombie Protest Sign Gear [EXPIRED]
spade Bucket Gear [EXPIRED]
munch Christmas Cookie Gear [EXPIRED]
misfortunate Misfortune Cookie Gear [EXPIRED]
fortunate Fortune Cookie Gear [EXPIRED]
kadragon Magical Dragon Gear [EXPIRED]
topped Christmas Tree Topper Gear [EXPIRED]
newyear2019 Exclusive Items [EXPIRED]
MerryEaster2019 Easter Items [EXPIRED]
slurp Slurpee Gear [EXPIRED]
ScaryTunes Spooky Guitar [EXPIRED]
Valentines2020 Heart Balloon [EXPIRED]
ninjastar Shuriken Gear [ACTIVE]


Code Reward Status
effort Lazy Title [EXPIRED]
coded Titled Title [EXPIRED]
activate Active Title [EXPIRED]
redeem Redeemer Title [EXPIRED]
Free Free Title [EXPIRED]
update New Title [EXPIRED]
explored Explorer Title [EXPIRED]
catch Trainer Title [EXPIRED]
tweeted Tweeter Title [EXPIRED]
ahoy Captain Title [EXPIRED]
NotLazy Busy Title [EXPIRED]
tunes Musician Title [EXPIRED]
standard Normal Title [EXPIRED]
HappyEaster2020 Eggy Title [EXPIRED]

Captain, :-( and :-) Titles are now obtainable at the shop

Silent Assassin

All Twitter codes used for Silent Assassin are listed below.


Code Reward Status
freecase Typical Case [EXPIRED]
natural Nature Case [EXPIRED]
peculiar Unordinary Case [EXPIRED]
eggy Easter Case [EXPIRED]
wildlife Animal Case [EXPIRED]
solid Material Case [EXPIRED]
scifi Future Case [EXPIRED]
spooked Halloween Case [EXPIRED]
festive Christmas Case [EXPIRED]
1year Pattern Case [EXPIRED]
MerryEaster2019 Easter Items [EXPIRED]
haunted Halloween Case [EXPIRED]
sighted Camouflage Case [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Status
firstcode Bubbles Submachine Gun [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Status
freecoins 50 Coins [EXPIRED]

The CrusheR

All Twitter codes used for The CrusheR are listed below.


Code Reward Status
1stcode Bubbles effect [EXPIRED]
MerryEaster2019 Easter Items [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Active?
crash Cymbals gear [EXPIRED]


Code Reward Status
flatten Crushed title [EXPIRED]
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