Turntable Scurry is a minigame on Epic Minigames.

This minigame is based off from Mario Party 7's Spin Doctor.


Players are teleported to one of the 4 corners and the objective is to reach the middle before the time runs out using the turntables in 65 seconds.

This minigame has similar aspects as to the Hedge Way Out minigame but with turntables of different function. Yellow neon arrows in the center of a quad-table tile point to the exit of where the player's goal is to be in.

Tips Edit

There are 2 types of turntables in this game. They are:

  • Blue turntables - Turns at 360 degrees.
  • Red turntables - Turns at 270 degrees or 3/4 of the cycle and then come back without making a full turn around.
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