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The CrusheR (usually abbreviated as TC or TCR) is a game created by Typical Games. The original game was launched in 2014 which was known as The Crusher and was fully revamped in 2018 as The CrusheR.


The goal of the game is to try to survive from "The Crusher" by going through holes on different maps. Each map has a different theme and different obstacles that the player must go through in order to survive.


  • The CrusheR, originally released in 2014, received a revamp in 2018. It included new maps, a new lobby, Pro servers, the removal of "Battle Rounds", a logo change, and promo codes. The "Bubbles" effect became the first promo code and was previously obtainable by using the promo code "1stcode".
  • An update on June 4, 2018 added 5 new maps.
  • An update on June 10, 2018 added 8 new maps and the leaderboards.
  • An update on June 24, 2018 added 15 new maps and the title "Crushed". This title was previously obtainable by using the promo code "flatten".
  • An update on July 22, 2018 added 8 new maps.
  • An update on September 29, 2018 added 35 new maps.
  • An update on November 5, 2018 showcased a new lobby created by 3orzoi, which has replaced the previous lobby. "Cymbals" were also added into the game, which can be obtained by using the code "crash".
  • On January 28, 2019, the game was added onto for players who speedrun maps.
  • A minor update on April 21, 2019 added the "Easter Eggs" effect to the game with the now expired code, "MerryEaster2019".
  • On January 12, 2020, a large update was added to the game with 28 new maps, map checklists and new features such as spectating, crusher progress bar, player invisibility options and map choosing. TypicalType also confirmed that the game will be updated yearly.


The player has to find holes in the ground to avoid a slowly descending ceiling. Most of the maps contain obstacles (or "parkour") that the player must go through in order to descend to lower levels. Some maps have slightly altered objectives, such as Lift and Four Corners, and some require teamwork, such as Facility and Miner's Dream. The CrusheR has many different maps ranging from easy, such as Elements, to fairly hard, such as Technoir. A map's difficulty is ranked by a star system, with one star being the easiest difficulty and five stars being the hardest difficulty.


There are a total of 141 maps in the game.


The game features both "Normal" and "Pro" servers. All maps are available in both server types.


Normal servers have a more casual playstyle, not requiring prior knowledge of a map to win. They reward players with 10 coins per survival. These servers are recommended for newcomers or for those looking to casually play with friends.


Due to a much faster crusher, "Pro servers" require the player to have quick reactions and a near-perfect memory of the placement of holes and shortcuts, and ultimately rewards the player more for surviving (15 coins compared to 10 coins earned in Normal servers). Players are unable to obtain access to Pro servers until reaching level 16 or paying 99 Robux for entry.

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