Example usage:


Usage -

Any pages that need songs, use this infobox to provide the title of the song and the Soundcloud link to the song. The infobox installment should look like this:

{{OST:SoundCloud | SongName = parameter | Link = parameter}}

Parameters -

  • SongName [Artist - Song]
    • The header of the infobox will show the SongName parameter
    • {{OST:SoundCloud | SongName = Blackmill - Gaia}}
  • Link [< soundcloud url="https : //" height="95px" />]
    • Due to the inability to simplify the Link parameter using concatenation, without the space before the letter s in 'soundcloud' and the space before and after the colon (:), Link parameter must be the whole soundcloud api. Height is a constant, always keep height at 95px. It should look like this:
    • {{OST:SoundCloud | Link = <soundcloud url="" height="95px" />}}

All in all the infobox should look like this after being typed:

|SongName = Blackmill - Gaia 
| Link = <soundcloud url="" height="95px" />
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