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Slippery Sledding is a minigame in Epic Minigames.

This minigame has 2 maps: Normal and Winter.

Gameplay Edit

Players are put into separate boxes that they must use to race to the end of the map. They can collide into each other and the environment around them. If a player flies out of their box, they will be put back into their box after a short amount of time.

Tips Edit

  • Time your turns. It will be beneficial for you to finish the race in time.
  • Avoid speeding when you are approaching a corner. You will be delayed a bit of time for yourself and have a shorter time to complete the race.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a physics update in late 2018, the minigame was removed because of the boxes not moving for some players. It was re-added in 2019.
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