Infection is a gamemode in Silent Assassin. In this gamemode, there are 2 "Zombies" and at most 10 "Survivors".

Gameplay Edit

The Zombies must use their dagger to kill a Survivor and turn them to a Zombie, while the Survivors must use their guns to protect themselves from the Zombies.

The Zombies cannot use Assassin-only paths[1] and the Survivors are limited to the amount of ammo they can use. However, Survivors can gain an extra starting clip of ammo if they use the Extra Clip perk.

Circles with a picture of bullets on both faces will appear throughout the round, allowing Survivors to replenish their ammo.

Music Edit

See List of Songs in Silent Assassin for the full list of songs.

Trivia Edit

Notes Edit

  1. There are exceptions to this, such as the vents in Orbital Station.
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