Temple is a map for the minigame Revolution Cube. It was created by HakertowRBX.


The map takes place within a large temple. There is lava at the bottom of the map. The map seems to have many floors. 


Players must run around a revolving cube without falling off of the cube or getting killed by the hazards. Each sides of the cube has their own hazard. The hazards are:

  • Flame grids that will release fire at random.
  • Wooden Spears that will shoot up at random.
  • Elevated terrain that remains constant.
  • Molten crosses that when stepped on will kill you.
  • A fire spinner that will spin in one direction.
  • A double turntable, both turntables won't spin the same way. Once the timer is at 45 seconds, both turntables will slow down and spin the opposite way.


  • Walk by the edge on the side with the flames and spikes.
  • When on the fire spinner hazard, stand on the spinner itself.
  • Jumping will give you a boost depending where you are on the cube. Use this to your advantage to avoid falling off of the cube and avoiding the hazards.


  • The eye on the smaller turntable is similar to the Eye of Truth from the Legend of Zelda games.
  • The side with elevated terrain were originally multiple platforms that rise and lower. However, it was removed due to performance issues to mobile players.
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