For the full list of songs that are no longer playing in Silent Assassin, refer to List of Removed Songs in Silent Assassin.

This is a list of songs that play in Silent Assassin.


All songs are sorted by the name of the song.

Artist Song name
PrototypeRaptor Awe
Savant Cake
F-777 Cane Swinging
Lensko Circles
Tobu, Wholm & Blume Cool
Bad Computer Disarray
LFZ Echoes (Meikal Remix)
Barely Alive Fireflies
Rhodz Floating On Your Memories (PrototypeRaptor Remix)
Blackmill Gaia
Ampyx Glide
Au5 Guardians
Florian Picasso & Raiden Hanabi
PrototypeRaptor Iconic
Virtual Riot In My Head
TheFatRat Jackpot
Robby East Leap of Faith
Ghost N Ghost Melancholy
NDUA Memories
nanobii Neverland
Steerner, Wholm & Blume Polar
King Arthur Praise You
HEART FX Pull You Closer
Geoplex Resplendent
Villo Rift
Ephixa Skyforth
JJD Sugar High
Varien Supercell
Varien & Razihel Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band)
Cash Cash Turn
Pegboard Nerds & Tony Junior Voodoo
Axe-D We're Ready To Go!
Virtual Riot With You
Bobby Rock You Make Me Feel

Assassin Escape

All songs are sorted by the name of the song.

Artist Song name
Wolfgang Gartner Anthology (Madeon Mashup)
Pegboard Nerds Blackout (Quiet Disorder Remix)
Priority One & TwoThirds City Needs Sleep (Fox Stevenson Remix)
Virtual Riot Energy Drink
Sad Panda & Freaky Djs Fire Alarm
Barely Alive Fireflies
Maduk Got Me Feeling
Digital Math Infinite Cosmos
Shanahan Janjira
Noisestorm Leaving Now
Toby Green Lift Me Up
Varien My Prayers Have Become Ghosts
Feed Me Shell Pet
Pegboard Nerds Self Destruct
Two Steps From Hell The Immortals
Feint We Won't Be Alone
Fox Stevenson, Cruk & Priority One Wiggly

Infection (Last Minute)

All songs are sorted by the name of the song.

Artist Song name
DotEXE Battle Cry
Zonboy Beast In The Belly (DC Breaks Remix)
Zomboy Braindead (Twine Remix)
Fox Stevenson Knowhow
Zomboy Patient Zero
Feed Me Starcrash
Varien TEVA833

Spotify Playlists

Want to play the songs immediately? Use the playlists below:

• Intermission* (based on alphabetical order):

• Assassin Escape* (based on alphabetical order):

• Infection [Last Minute] (based on alphabetical order):

*Not all songs have been added as the artist themselves did not add selected songs onto Spotify.

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