For the full list of songs that are no longer playing in Epic Minigames, refer to List of Removed Songs in Epic Minigames.

This is a list of songs that play in Epic Minigames.


All songs are sorted by the name of the song.

Artist Song name
Vicetone Anywhere I Go
Astronaut Apollo (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
Noisestorm Backlash
Tritional Blackout
RetroVision Campfire
Tobu Candyland
Didddy Kong Racing Central Area Theme
Lensko Cetus
Rae Morris Closer (Kid Arkade Remix)
Tobu & Itro Cloud 9
Jaymes Young Dark Star (Milkman Remix)
Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM) Destroy It (Urban Contact Remix)
Blackmill Feel That Love Again
Kirby Triple Deluxe Fine Fields Prairie
Castle Crashers Flutey
Paper Mario Sticker Star Grass Overworld
Syn Cole Gizmo
Vicetone Kaleidoscope
Killercats Kaibu
FEWZ Levitate
Chrono Trigger Main Theme
Tobu & Jim Yosef Miracle
Super Smash Bros. Melee Mother 2
Super Mario Land Muda Kingdom
Tritional Now Or Never
Tobu Puzzle
nanobii Rainbow Road
Pegboard Nerds & Tristam Razor Sharp
Pokémon X & Y Route 1
Ephixa & Heartful Sundance
TheFatRat & Phaera Sunlight
Cash Cash Surrender
TheFatRat Telescope
HEART FX Thinking Of You (Roulsen Remix)
Zara Larsson Uncover (Jarleen & Sebros Bootleg)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Yoshi's Woolly World


All songs are sorted by the name of the minigame.

Artist Song Name Minigame
Waterflame Dash! Above Water
Waterflame Infinite MiniGolf Accurate Archery
F-777 System Split Avalanche
Waterflame Disposition Aztec Adventure
Waterflame New Dawn Balcony Bolt
Epic Score Ride To Glory Battleship Skirmish
Waterflame Viscid Big Bomb Boom
Tristam & Braken Frame Of Mind Black Hole Scramble
Waterflame Byzantine Blast Mining
Waterflame Welcome To Metropolis Block Hunt
F-777 Flying'n'stuff Blow Dryer Battle
Waterflame Thumper Blox City Brawl
Waterflame Machine Politics Bomb Ball
Mario Party 9 Hurry Up! Bombs Away
Waterflame Boundless Bowling Bustle
BadLiZ The Great Strategy Brickbattle
Waterflame Super Battletrain Bullet Bound
Waterflame Sky Fortress Bullet Evasion
TheFatRat Time Lapse Cake Delivery
F-777 Deadlocked Cannon Cooldown
Tartlo Music Clash Of Swords Castle Clash
Waterflame Aftermath 2 Castle Climb
Waterflame Super Slam Dunk League Clear Side
Waterflame Arcade Punk Cliffside Chaos
Waterflame Cats Cloud Control
mybrobilo Trance of Jingle Bells Collection Contention
TheSteelEagle Colossal Assault Colossal Assault
Waterflame ThunderZone v2 Compactor Crash
Waterflame Rivals Conveyor Conundrum
Waterflame Flight Crag Clamber
Waterflame Final Battle Crumble Island
Waterflame Quick Fox Crystal Clear
Waterflame Endgame Cube Factory
Waterflame Radio Cutter Deforestation Dash
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Gritzy Desert Desert Dehydration
Waterflame You Cannot Pass Destroy The Statue
Waterflame Trademark Medley Dizzying Decisions
Waterflame Swing-Bit Brawl Dodgeball
Waterflame Flyboy and Gabber Girl Downhill Roll
Waterflame Groovy Tower Drawing The Line
Waterflame Stride Eagle Observation
Waterflame DuneRiders Expedition Sprint: Canyon
Waterflame SuperWing Heroes Expedition Sprint: High Peak
Waterflame Floating Fishing Frenzy
Mario Party 9 Bowser Jr.'s Mad Four Corners
Waterflame Wind In Our Sails Flintlock Fight
Waterflame Maverick Feud Flintlock Fight: Western
Waterflame Village Up North Freeze Affray
Waterflame BattleTown Gear Battle
Two Steps From Hell Nemesis Gladiator Grounds
Waterflame Control: Sentiment Going Underground
Waterflame Relentless Hard-Pressed
Pegboard Nerds Luigi's Mansion Haunted Hallways
Waterflame Geometrical Dominator Hedge Way Out
Waterflame Clouds High Rolling
Waterflame Grind District High Pressure
TheSteelEagle Malgorok'Zyth Juggernaut
Waterflame Love Shuttle Just Jump
Waterflame Absent King Of The Hill
Waterflame Swirl! Lane Jumping
F-777 Blanket Laser Cutting
F-777 Viper Laser Guidance
Waterflame Lines Fading Laser Tag
Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Lava Lake Keep Lava Forecast
Different Heaven & EH!DE My Heart Lights On
Duck Life 5 Cave Theme Manic Mining
Waterflame The Show Marble Madness
Waterflame Out Of Order Mechanical Mayhem
Waterflame Hexagon Force Missle Command
Waterflame Jumper 2 Mower Mania
Waterflame Stalker Only One Path
Zomboy Braindead Outbreak
Tobu Infectious Paint To Perfecfion
Waterflame Velocity Wings Penguin Pushover
Waterflame Toxic Sewers Pipeworks
Waterflame Conclusion Platform Peril
Waterflame Race Around The Galaxy Protect The Statue
Waterflame Giant Golem Pyre Pit
F-777 Sonic Blaster Revolution Cube
F-777 Town Folk Rave Revolution Cube: Temple
DuttonSayHi The Grand Sea (Waterflame Remix) Ring Diver
F-777 Bring Me Back Rocket Rumble
Waterflame Felicity Rolling Race
F-777 Kung Fu Battle Romper Stomper
Waterflame Wingless Round Race
F-777 He's A Pirate Shark Survival
Waterflame Control Mind Shock Absorbers
Waterflame Boneyard Skewer Shuffle
F-777 Icicles Slippery Sledding
Waterflame Combo Breaker Solo Swordsman
Waterflame Body Jammer Spiky Spinner
Waterflame Adventure Ahead Spiral Ascent
Waterflame Klutzy Hero Teamwork Trial: Grid
Waterflame Tanuki's Ambition Teamwork Trial: Gulch/Fortress
Droptek Killing Time The Crusher
Offspring Fling Dangerisk The Crusher
Laszlo Fall To Light The Crusher
Pegboard Nerds Rocktronik The Crusher
J.Geco Chicken Song Remix The Crusher
Waterflame Streetwise The Sweeper
F-777 Invincibility Star Tile Takeover
Pegboard Nerds Swamp Thing Toxic Reactions
F-777 Space Battle Train Trouble
Waterflame Gabberfly Treacherous Tiles
Kirby Air Ride Forest Stage Trial Traversing
The Synthetic Dream Foundation O' Dead Armoured Sky Trial Traversing: Electrodome
Waterflame Sinking Feeling Trial Traversing: Extraction
Super Mario Galaxy Melty Molten Galaxy Trial Traversing: Lavascape
Waterflame Thump Grinder Trial Traversing: Simulation
Waterflame Strikebeam Turntable Scurry
Waterflame Chaotic Uncertain Ground
Two Steps From Hell Run Free Undead Aboard
New Super Mario Bros. U Bonus Whack-A-Block

Seasonal & Event Minigame Songs

Seasonal Songs

Artist Song Name Season

If you are finding any past seasonal songs, you might be able to find them in List of Removed Songs in Epic Minigames.

Event Minigame Songs

All songs are sorted by the name of the event.

Artist Song Name Event Name Minigame
TheSteelEagle Malgorok'Zyth Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G Juggernaut
Waterflame Disposition Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie Aztec Adventure
Waterflame SuperWing Heroes Summer Camp High Peak Climb (now known as Expedition Sprint: High Peak)
Waterflame Lines Fading Space Battle Laser Tag

There are 3 more songs in this section that is currently not playing in Epic Minigames. You can find them in List of Removed Songs in Epic Minigames.

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