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Incomplete list of removed songs, add all songs that have been removed from Epic Minigames.

For the full list of songs that are currently playing in Epic Minigames, refer to List of Songs in Epic Minigames.

This is a list of songs that played in Epic Minigames but eventually got removed.


All songs are sorted by the name of the song.

Artist Song name
Cash Cash Broken Drum
Sultan & Shepard Cashemere Sweater
Fox Stevenson & Metso Chatterbox
Murray Gold I Am The Doctor
AlunaGeorge, Leaikeli47 & Dreezy Mean What I Mean
Galantis No Money
Terraria Ocean
John Williams Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Porter Robinson Sad Machine
KSHMR & Felix Snow Touch (VIP Remix)


All songs are sorted by the name of the minigame.

Artist Song Name Minigame
Epic Score Strength To Believe Battleship Skirmish (music was changed to: Epic Score - Ride To Glory)
Waterflame Welkin Sphere Bounce Out
Waterflame Welcome To Metropolis Destroy The Statue (currently played on Block Hunt)
Waterflame Escalade Fishing Frenzy (music was changed to: Waterflame - Floating)
Waterflame Calm Rocket High Rolling: Space
Waterflame Orange Orb Collection
Waterflame Lightspeed Red, Green, Blend

Seasonal & Event Minigame Songs

Seasonal Songs

These are the songs that played during the Halloween and Christmas updates. They will play again when the respective updates have been released again when the respective seasons are closer.

All songs are sorted by the name of the season.

Artist Song Name Season
TheSteelEagle Riltak Island (Christmas Event) Christmas Lobby Music
TheSteelEagle Jack Frost's Castle Christmas Lobby Music
KSHMR, B3nte & Badjack The Spook Returns Halloween Lobby Music
The Living Tombstone Spooky Scary Skeletons Halloween Lobby Music
NIVIRO The Return Halloween Lobby Music
Ghost'n'Ghost Thoughts Halloween Lobby Music

Event Minigame Songs

All songs are sorted by the name of the event.

Artist Song Name Event Name Minigame
Waterflame Pink Spring Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time Easter Ice Thaw
Waterflame CropDuster Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards 2018 Blimp Race
Tobu Roots Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Blue Block Building
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