Juggernaut is a minigame created for Epic Minigames. It was made by TheSteelEagle and worthyshiningkazoo.

Appearance Edit

The map seems to take place on an island. There are two towers in the two corners of the map. There are some trees on the island.

Gameplay Edit

One player is chosen at random to be the Juggernaut, while the rest of the players are armed with weapons. The survivors' goal is to defeat the Juggernaut and survive. The Juggernaut's goal is to kill the rest of the players without being killed. This minigame lasts 90 seconds. If the timer runs out, the remaining players who are still in game will win.

Trivia Edit

  • This minigame was originally created for "Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G." event on Roblox. Killing the Juggernaut as the survivor and collecting one of few eggs dropped by the Juggernaut will reward a player the "Epic Egg" hat accessory from the Roblox Catalog. Killing all the players as the Juggernaut and collecting the egg dropped by the last player would reward the Juggernaut the same prize. As of April 29, 2020, the "Epic Egg" is no longer obtainable from the minigame.
  • As said above, if the timer expires and everyone (both survivors and the Juggernaut) survives, nobody gets the egg.
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