Epic Minigames (usually abbreviated as EM) is a game created by TypicalType (Group Owner of Typical Games). The game allows players to play an assortment of minigames with different maps.

Players have a certain amount of time to complete certain minigames. Players are given 10 coins for winning and an additional 5 more coins in Pro servers. Players can buy many things from the shop with the coins they get from completing minigames, such as gears, effects, titles, and pets.

Players can also complete daily missions to earn items and coins.


There are currently 5 server types in Epic Minigames: Normal, Pro, VIP and large servers.


This server is not as good for family games if you wish to play family games play large server. This is because your mum wont be able to fit on a normal server


For the fat neeks that play all the time.


The large penis servers are for your mum.;


Nerds that pay money to play by themselves (loners)

Bum servers

Bum servers are the really pro people you need to be level 500+ to play on a bum server

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