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Epic Minigames (usually abbreviated as EM) is a game created by TypicalType (Group Owner of Typical Games). The game allows players to play an assortment of minigames with different maps.

Players have a certain amount of time to complete certain minigames. Players are given 10 coins for winning and an additional 5 more coins in Pro servers. Players can buy many things from the shop with the coins they get from completing minigames, such as gears, effects, titles, and pets.

Players can also complete daily missions to earn items and coins.


There are currently 4 server types in Epic Minigames: Normal, Pro, Friend and 36 player servers.


In Normal servers, players can casually play at their own pace. All minigames and all maps (not including event-only maps or seasonal maps) are available to play. Winning every minigame grants you 10 coins. Items available in the shop can also be purchased, and all owned items (including promo codes) can be equipped.


Just like Normal servers, Pro servers contain all minigames, maps, and shop items. However, there is an added difficulty: the minigames have a shorter time limit and there are other pros playing. Winning every minigame grants you 15 coins. Pro servers cannot be accessed until a player reaches level 24 and earns the 'Pro' badge. Players can also spend 199 Robux to access Pro servers before reaching the previous requirements.

36 player servers

36 player servers are larger servers than the Normal and Pro servers. The large servers currently does not contain all minigames and maps. Winning every minigame grants you 10 coins just like a Normal server. In minigames that only lets one player win, the winners in these minigames are 1, 2 or 3 players, depending on how many players are in the server.


A server that allows you to play only with your friends.Cool right?


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