Revolution Cube: Default is a map for the minigame Revolution Cube. It was made by TheSteelEagle.

Appearance Edit

The cube itself seems to be placed in a dome like structure.


Players must run around a revolving cube without falling off of the cube or getting killed by the hazards. Each sides of the cube has their own hazard. The hazards are:

  • Flame grids that will release fire in two different patterns every few seconds.
  • Spikes that will shoot up in two different patterns every few seconds.
  • Circular saws that will move in their own lane.
  • Multiple electrical panels that will generate electricity at random.
  • A molten cross that when step on, will kill you.
  • A turntable that will rotate in one direction.

Trivia Edit

  • When this minigame was first released, the cube would revolve insanely fast, even in Normal Server. Because of this, many players, especially newer players, are not likely to win the minigame. It was nerfed in later updates.
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