Compactor Crash is a minigame in Epic Minigames. There is currently 1 map for this minigame. This minigame is similar to Mario Party 9's Smash Compactor.


Players must avoid being crushed by a compactor by finding holes in the ground below them. The compactor crashes for five rounds, with less holes appearing in the ground each time.

The game starts off by giving the players ten seconds to find a hole in the ground to jump into to protect them from the falling compactor. The holes that the players can jump into are lit up by a blue light. When one is taken up by a player, the blue light will switch off. Each hole can only hold one player.

As the rounds progress, more holes close, and it becomes harder to find holes in which a player can be protected from the compactor.

The minigame ends when five rounds have passed.

Tips Edit

  • The majority of this minigame relies on luck and where players decide to go. One major tip is to always be ready for the next round after the compactor crashes or else the player may lose the opportunity to find a hole.
  • Don't go towards the same hole that another player is going towards if they are in front of you. If you do this, you not only waste valuable time, but also lower your chances of finding another open hole.

Video Edit

Epic Minigames Compactor Crash

Epic Minigames Compactor Crash

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