Volcanon is a boss map battle for the minigame Colossal Assault in Epic Minigames.

Gameplay Edit

Volcanon fires balls of lava towards the platform, creating a small lava puddle for a bit. Touching this puddle will hurt you. Every so often he will bring down his hand in an attempt to smash the players, smashing the very left of the arena, then the very right. Both sides of his arms will have a green orb while he does this, touching both during the smashes will initiate his next phase. If the players fail to defeat Volcanon in 5 smash turns, he will charge up his blaster and fire a lava ball to every spot on the platform the players are on, effectively killing the remaining players.

Trivia Edit

  • Volcanon is based on the monster with the same name in Monster Islands.
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