The Arbigrok is a boss map battle for the minigame Colossal Assault in Epic Minigames.

Gameplay Edit

The Arbigrok fires icy orbs towards the boat, which creates an ice puddle with a red exclamation mark above it. (this red exclamation mark does not appear on pro servers as a challenge). The ice puddles eventually shoot up a spike, damaging players. The Arbigrok individual icy orbs at first, and when he re-submerges, he fires 2 icy orbs next to each other until every spot on the boat has been attacked once. He then re-submerges and charges up an attack, in this time, players must touch a green orb on a cannon to attack the boss. The left cannon must be used first, then the right, then the middle. If players fail to attack The Arbigrok, he fires a snowball which bounces across the boat. If players fail to defeat The Arbigrok in 5 charge ups, he will re-submerge far away and fire an undodgeable laser across the boat. His final phase has a set pattern, where he fires multiple icy orbs in quick succession from left to a bit past the middle, then to the right to a bit past the middle. He will then fire icy orbs on every other spot, alternating a few times.

Trivia Edit

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