Dr. Thanatos is a boss map battle for the minigame Colossal Assault in Epic Minigames.

Gameplay Edit

Dr. Thanatos fires squares that move towards the platform the player is on, once it touches a tile of the floor, the tile turns light blue and emits squares with a hole around it for a very brief period. Touching the tile during this will kill you. He will also occasionally shoot 2 projectiles at a time, a projectile that affects multiple tiles, or an attack that hits all tiles. Jumping allows you to dodge attacks. Every so often, Dr. Thanatos will fall down onto the stage, exposing a green orb. Touching this will damage the boss and initiate its next phase, becoming slightly harder. He will fall on the left side first, then the right if he has been damaged, then the middle if he has been damaged again. If the players fail to beat Dr. Thanatos within 5 smashes, he will fire an undodgeable laser across the tiles. All attacks deal half of the players health, except in pro servers, where he instantly kills.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Thanatos may be slightly based off of Kor, a boss in Monster Islands, in his second phase.
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