Bombs Away is a minigame in Epic Minigames. There is currently 1 map for this minigame. It was created by TypicalType.

This minigame is based off from Mario Party 8's Bomb-ombs Away, with a reversal of roles.

Appearance Edit

The room is split into two sides, one for the controller and one for the rest of the players. The controller's side is a small room with multiple buttons that drop bombs below to the rest of the players. The players' side is larger with multiple posts for the bombs to bounce off before reaching the bottom.

Gameplay Edit

A random player in the server will be chosen as the controller. Their objective is to kill as many players as possible with the bombs, which is spawned via the buttons provided and the other players have to avoid getting killed by the bombs.

Tips Edit

  • When playing as the controller, try closing the players into a small area by surrounding them with bombs.
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