Black Hole Scramble is a minigame in Epic Minigames. There is currently 1 map for this minigame. It was created by TypicalType.


The map has a space appearance with several rows of asteroids for players to jump forward to. There is also large black hole in the back of the map. As the minigame progresses, random objects fly in between rows of players that do not affect the gameplay.


Players must survive from being sucked into the black hole that appears behind them by jumping on never-ending asteroids in front of them for 60 seconds. If a player reaches the end of their asteroid line then they must wait for an asteroid to appear in front of them. Careful not to jump too early as you might get eliminated. If you miss the asteroids, or if you get sucked into the black hole, you will be immediately teleported back to the lobby.


  • Jump to a beat; You should first walk a little bit on the asteroid then jump. Jumping too early to the next asteroid might get you eliminated.


  • This minigame was involved in the Roblox Space Battle event. During this event, stars would spawn at random on all rows of asteroids as the minigame progresses. Collecting five stars and winning the minigame would reward a player the "Galaxy Necklace" item from the Roblox Catalog.
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