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Aztec Adventure is a minigame in Epic Minigames. It was created by worthyshiningkazoo.


The map consists of a jungle that leads into an Aztec temple. The starting location contains a river with moving logs. Next, there is a staircase leading into the inside of the temple with multiple traps throughout the map before reaching the end location, a blue circle surrounded by treasure.


Players are given 70 seconds to traverse and parkour their way deep into the temple and win. Players are given 3 lives just in case they accidentally die. However, there are some parts in the round where players instantly get eliminated. This includes the spikes, falling off the wooden track, and falling into the quick sand if you miss the rocks.


  • For the first part of the obstacle course, time your jumps. Do it again for the next part.
  • Boulders will be tumbling down the steps of the temple and you will die after it hits you a few times. To avoid this, make sure to look up and see for oncoming boulders heading your way.
  • For the last part of the obstacle course, slabs will sink for a while when stepped on before it rises again. To prevent from dying, step on them and move fast as you can die once you stand on them for too long.


  • It was originally created as a part of Nickelodeon's Legends Of The Hidden Temple event and was originally known as "Hidden Treasure Trek". Winning this minigame during this event would reward a player the "Silver Monkey" gear from the Roblox Catalog.
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