Above Water is a minigame in Epic Minigames. There is currently 1 map for this minigame. It was created by Nelispouwer.


The map consists of two large platforms, with one side colored red and the other colored blue. There is a large body of water below the platforms.

Gameplay Edit

Players will be spawned in 2 teams, Red and Blue. The objective of the minigame is to take down all 9 pillars before the other team takes them out and they have to do it before the time runs out. If one of the teams lose, they will fall down to the water and teleport back to the lobby.

Tips Edit

  • The lower portions of the pillars seem to break easier than the top portions.
  • Since most players aim for the front pillars first, try aiming for the pillars in the back to take out more of them.


  • Originally, players would die if they fell into the water.
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