Epic Minigames (usually abbreviated as EM) is a game created by TypicalType (Group Owner of Typical Games). The game allows players to play an assortment of minigames with different maps.


Players have a certain amount of time to complete certain minigames. Players are given 10 coins for winning and an additional 5 more coins in Pro servers. Players can buy many things from the shop with the coins they get from completing minigames, such as gears, effects, titles, and pets.

Players can also complete daily missions to earn items and coins.


There are currently 4 server types in Epic Minigames: Normal, Pro, Private and Large Servers.


Normal Servers are the basic servers of Epic Minigames. This type of server can hold up to 12 players. Normal Servers contain all minigames. Winning a minigame grants 10 coins.


Pro Servers are unlocked once players reached Level 24 and earned the Pro Badge. Pro Servers has all current minigames and can hold up to 12 players. It's similar to Normal Servers but the time limit is shorter in certain minigames and some minigames are harder than the normal version. Winning a minigame grants 15 coins.


Large Servers can hold up to 36 players. Winning a minigame grants 10 coins to a player like a Normal Server. However, not all minigames are available in the Large Servers as they are being converted for compatibility with Large Servers. Also, in some minigames where only one player could win, the winners are increased to 3 max winners and most Free-for-All minigames are increased to many winners depending on how many players are in the server.

As part of Epic Minigames's 1 Billion Visits update (which lasted for 2 weeks from May 2, 2020 to May 16, 2020), 72-player large servers (or also known as Massive servers) were temporarily added for 2 weeks to celebrate 1 billion visits during the 2-week celebration update.


Private Servers (formerly known as VIP Servers) are a type of server that a player can purchase to play with friends. A Private Server cost 100 Robux. The wins on the Monthly Leaderboard do not increase in Private Servers.

Private Servers were once planned to have a difficulty toggle in which the Private Server owner could switch between Normal and Pro difficulties. This idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.

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