Dizzying Decisions is a minigame in Epic Minigames.

Gameplay Edit

The player stands on a large circle platform in the middle, with four smaller circle platforms on the outside of it.   

One of the smaller circle platforms will light up green with an arrow above it, signifying the safe platform.

The circle will then be unlit and spin around with the other circles. The player must keep an eye on the correct platform.

Once the platforms stop moving around, the player must stand on the correct platform as the incorrect platforms will sink down into the hazards below, killing the player. This goes on for four rounds, getting increasingly faster each time.


  • Head to the opposite side of the platform you are supposed to look at, it will give you a better chance and a better view of you getting the correct platform.
  • Stay still and keep an eye on the correct platform at all times. One wavering glance, and you may lose sight of the correct platform.
  • It helps to zoom out and keep your finger on the screen (unless you have a touch sensitive screen) and follow the platform that way.
    • If you have a touch sensitive screen, try using your mouse (or on mobile, just rotate your camera view accordingly)


Epic Minigames Dizzying Decisions

Epic Minigames Dizzying Decisions

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