Winter is a map for the minigame Deforestation Dash. It was created by HakertowRBX.

Appearance Edit

As the name suggest, the map is given a winter theme. The area is seems to be located in a valley with snow. Both teams are separated by an inaccessible frozen river. Each side has a house and trees that corresponds with the team's colour. The blue team's side has snowman while the red team's side has a sled.

Gameplay Edit

Players are separated into 2 teams, Red and Blue, and the objective is to cut down all the trees on your side before the other team in 60 seconds. It is not possible to tie in this minigame.

Tips Edit

  • Instead of having everyone cutting at one tree, have people spread out to cover more area.
  • Less players per team also means less hits needed per tree.
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