Big Bomb Boom is a minigame in Epic Minigames. It was created by TheSteelEagle & Siriologist.

This minigame is based off from Mario Party 2 and 4's Bowser's Big/Bigger Blast.

Appearance Edit

The map seems to take place in doors on a stage. There's a bomb on the stage while rows of chairs are seen in front of the stage. This may imply that it may take place in a theatre.

Gameplay Edit

Players are sorted into 3 groups. In each group, on the stage, there is a bomb and five detonators. One of the detonators would trigger the bomb. The player must choose a detonator wisely in five seconds. Choosing a fake detonator will not trigger the bomb and that player is safe. Choosing the real detonator will trigger the bomb, killing the player that triggers it. Not choosing a detonator will make the player choose the detonator in front of them. This will continue until one player is left in each group.

Tips Edit

  • This minigame is down to luck, so all you can do is hope that you chose a fake detonator.
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