beirke123’s current avatar.

beirke123 is a builder and Moderator of Typical Games. He is the co-creator of the game Castle Clash and Admin in the group Castle Keep. He created maps for Epic Minigames in minigames including Castle Clash, Hard-Pressed, Outbreak, Round Race, and Solo Swordsman. He also created a couple of maps for Silent Assassin including Florence and Himalayas.

Trivia Edit

  • Beirke is often used as an icon in Silent Assassin, such as appearing as a model in the Trade Hub, being featured on the VIP gamepass, and he‘s usually the target on the game’s teasers.

Beirke as a target in one of the teasers (in green).


Beirke being killed by the assassin in one of the teaser’s.


Beirke as seen on the VIP gamepass.

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