Winter is a map for the minigame Aztec Adventure. It was created by Siriologist.

Appearance Edit

As the name suggest, the map is given a winter like theme. The temple is located in a snowy like area. The outside area has two rivers with ice platforms that don't move. Next, there are traps along the way to the end. Traps include: boulders that fall down the stairs, spikes on the wall that will come close to each other and icicles that drop from the ceiling. The last part has a pit that if players fall in, they will be eliminated. The end has a blue circle surrounded by presents and a sign on the wall that says: "Merry Christmas!".

Gameplay Edit

Players are given 70 seconds to traverse and parkour their way deep into the temple and win. Players are given 3 lives just in case they accidentally die. However, there are some parts in the round where players instantly get eliminated.

Tips Edit

  • Boulders will be tumbling down the steps of the temple and you will die after it hits you a few times. To avoid this, make sure to look up and see for oncoming boulders heading your way.
  • For the spikes on the wall, make sure you go fast when running past it or wait for someone to go first then go while its retracting.
  • Look up when going through the icicles falling from the ceiling
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