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Archery Simulator is a game created by Typical Games. It was released on May 30th, 2019.


In the game, players shoot floating targets in different worlds with a bow and arrow to collect coins and gems, which can be used to either purchase better bows and quivers or pets to help them advance through the game quicker.

Players can also complete a dungeon which randomly generates obstacles, where they can obtain an exclusive dungeon pet.


Pets can be hatched at the shop of the game. They have perks that can boost up your gameplay.


There are currently 5 worlds in Archery Simulator.

  • Meadows (world 1, by worthyshiningkazoo)
  • Crystal Cave (world 2, by worthyshiningkazoo)
  • Dunes (world 3, by 3orzoi)
  • Village (world 4, by 3orzoi)
  • Swamp (world 5, by Soulless_Misfits)


    • It is the first Typical Games game to be held directly under the main group.
    • Archery Simulator is the first Typical Games game under the 'Adventure' genre on Roblox.
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